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Enthusiasm puts you ahead of your competition

We all know that during an interview you want to show off your education, your skills and your work history. But what happens if you just completed your engineering degree and have (virtually) no work experience? Well, we have helped many new graduates on the road to success by finding them a great international Industrial engineer job .

So what’s the secret to beating out the more experienced competition? Enthusiasm! Yes, that’s right! Did you know that enthusiasm is actually one of the most important elements for a candidate to exhibit during an interview? Because if you’re not enthusiastic about a job, why are you applying?

Research has shown that employers will choose a candidate who has a great attitude but with less skills over one with more experience. Because if you’re not enthusiastic about an Industrial engineer job, you should ask yourself why you are applying.

So how do emphasize your enthusiasm? You can’t. You either are enthusiastic or you aren’t. It’s something that must shine throughout. Every question asked by a prospective employer is your opportunity to talk and to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job. You do that by giving full answers to the questions, not a yes or no response. Because if it feels like you aren’t putting in the effort during to get the job, why would they believe you’d be more proactive once you have it?

Why do you think employers are willing to forgo a more plump work history for an enthusiastic employee fresh out of school? Because skills can be taught. Enthusiasm, not so much. Employers are looking for people who will take initiative, get involved, and focus on the quality of their work.

Research and experience has proven that companies with high levels of employee engagement are more productive, have higher turnover, and experience significantly less quality issues. Which of course is good for their business. Given the choice between the most experienced Industrial engineer in the world who isn’t enthused and the most enthusiastic Industrial engineer just with little experience, the choice is a no brainer.

Finally, you should make it clear that you’re enthusiastic about this opportunity because it can help you get what you want, namely your dream job. If your prospective employer knows that you have a lot to gain by getting the job, they will also know that you will be personally invested once you get the job.

We have many international Industrial engineer job opportunities, for someone as enthusiastic as you. So submit your resume today.